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ReVibe Fitness and Wellness

Keith Spennewyn

Exercise Physiologist, MSc MPT


          Keith Spennewyn is the owner of ReVibe Fitness & Wellness. He holds a triple Bachelor of Science degree from Missouri State University in exercise physiology and a Masters Degree in Health and Exercise Science from Columbia Pacific University. From 1983-2000 he held the Director of Fitness Education position at the largest health club organization in the world where he prepared personal trainers academically and placed one of the first personal trainers into the first organized personal training programs in the US. As a faculty head of the Exercise Science Department at MSB/Globe University from 2002-2008, he taught kinesiology, biomechanics and exercise prescription and authored one of the first Bachelor of Science degrees in the US for personal trainers.


          Keith is a certified fitness professional, holding license with organizations such as:


  • National Institute of Health Sciences

  • American College of Sports Medicine

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • American Counsel on Exercise

  • Medical Fitness Association

  • American Kinesiotherapy Association

  • Power Plate International

  • and many others...


          Keith Spennewyn has been trained in sports injury management, senior fitness, applied kinesiology and whole body vibration science. Keith has authored over a dozen training manuals from senior fitness concepts to specialized personal training.


          Keith Spennewyn has worked in the health and fitness arena for over 30 years delivering talks domestically and internationally. He is a published author and researcher and is generally acknowledged as a leading fitness expert in the US. He is one of a handful of trainers in the US given the distinction of Master Trainer.

Leigh Spennewyn

Personal Trainer


          Leigh began her career in fitness by managing a health club's group fitness program. Leigh worked her way up to running the largest and most successful group fitness program in the world, managing over 400 health clubs for the largest fitness company in the world. In 1990 she competed in the US National Aerobic Championships and won gold. As the US National Champion Leigh represented the US team throughout a world tour visiting Australia, Japan, Brazil, Korea, Italy and also appeared on TV shows such as Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, Joan Rivers Show and others. In 1991 Leigh competed in the World Aerobic Championships and achieved the title World Aerobic Champion. (Watch her in the competition here!)


          Leigh is certified in fitness and personal training by the American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine and National Institute of Health Science. 

Gavin Spennewyn

Personal Trainer


          Gavin has just begun his career in the fitness industry and is already off to a tremendous start. In 2007, Gavin was a certified third degree black belt teaching taekwondo to adults and kids of all ages. As an instructor he developed a strong passion for encouraging athleticism, health, and confidence which he continues to foster to this day. Towards the end of his teaching, Gavin had become one of the top instructors both running classes and mentoring the new upcoming instructors. In addition to teaching martial arts, Gavin was also hired and responsible for running gym class for around 100 middle school and high school students at SCCC. (An extracurricular school offering tutoring for various topics) All this cumulative experience has created a foundation and a love for advocating health and wellness.


          In 2011, Gavin resigned from his position and began his training at FitU (later ReVibe) to become a personal trainer. He has worked as a personal trainer since, taking great joy in challenging individuals and watching them grow in their strength and ability.


          Gavin is currently studying Biology at the University of Northwestern Saint Paul. His next step is to attend Northwestern Health Sciences in Bloomington and earn his Doctorate of Chiropractic.


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