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Lose Weight

Shed Weight

We are health experts, nutrition counselors, and personal trainers who want to know you personally. This time, when you workout, is different. We will be right with you every step of the way to ensure all of your goals make it into reality. 

Build Strength

Build Strength

Through Whole Body Vibration, amass strength, power, speed, and agility like never before. You will never encounter a faster way to success than this next-gen fitness technology. Experience strength training perfectly customized to you and your needs.


Save Time

At ReVibe, 30 minutes is all it takes for a full body workout that is perfectly tailored to literally any fitness level. Thanks to Whole Body Vibration, 30% more muscle is activated resulting in 30% more muscles utilization and 30% more calories burned. You'll be back to your life in no time.


Feel At Home

Fitness classes just aren't our thing. Our highly customized training programs take place in a personal environment where you will be face to face with our friendly staff. At the end of the day, our goal is for you to walk into our studio as comfortably as you do your own home. 

          Utilizing next-gen fitness technology, cutting edge research, and the latest in training methodology, we are the new standard in health and wellness. The human body works as a whole using its entirety to generate strength and agility. This is reflected in our training as we maximize your balance, flexibility, stamina, energy, and even mood. We want to see your pain decrease and your body grow in its abilities! (Whatever those abilities are)


          To do this, we use revolutionary fitness technology that is capable of providing the most challenging full body workout you've ever done in 30 minutes or less! Using our expertise we can scale this level of training to any skill level or any comfort preferance. At our studio, your workout is custom tailored to be exactly what you want. Whatever your goals are, we use our knowledge on exercise, diet, and health to get you there fast. 


About Us

Our Secret

          Our secret is Whole Body Vibration Technology! A next-gen technology developed by Russian scientists for space flight, Whole Body Vibration first came into the fitness world through the Olympic Games. 


          In 1960, the Soviet Union dominated the Olympics by taking 32 medals over the US. In fact, in 6 Olympic Games the Soviets had won 709 Medals compared to the US's 428. Nobody understood why, or how, this was possible yet the Soviets continued to dominate. We now know what their secret was: Whole Body Vibration. 


          So, how does it work? Whole Body Vibration, hence the name, applies its vibration through a platform to the entirety of the human body! As this platform moves it shifts your entire body up and down, left and right, and front to back in a powerful tri-planar (three direction) vibration. With each of these shifts your body becomes destabilized and reacts in a reflex by contracting your muscles up to 50 times per second! Through this, 30% more of your muscles are activated and begin to fire in tandem! (Especially fast twitch muscle fibers)


          A second action takes place when the plate moves up and down (4mm). When the plate drops your body descends in a micro free fall. As your body lands from this descent, the plate begins to vibrate back upwards pushing against your descending legs and creating an artificial G-force. Simply put, you can weight up to 8 times your body weight on this machine! The ingenuity of it all is that since this occurs by reflex your muscles will experience all the stress and your joints will experience none of it!


          Whole Body Vibration is the game changer you’ve been waiting for. It has been proven to drastically boost your metabolism, target belly fat, increase muscle tone, bone density, flexibility, and mobility, improve circulation, reduce your pain, calm inflammation, decrease cortisol levels, and even reduce cellulite. Get ready for your health and fitness to be amplified in a way you never thought possible.




How We Operate

          In most studios, personal training can be a costly endeavor. We know we need it, but we don’t know how we can keep paying for it. To make matters worse, after you’ve mastered your exercise program you end up primarily using your trainer to modify the routine when it becomes easy. Why pay full price for a personal trainer you don’t fully need anymore?


          ReVibe works differently. By effectively training several people at once, we split the cost keeping personal training remarkably affordable. Yet, we do this without the use of classes or group fitness. ReVibe operates through individualized personal training sessions only. Every person who walks in our door is trained differently with a program customized to their exact needs. No two programs are alike and no two people are trained the same. You will find yourself constantly motivated, encouraged, and challenged all without paying the full personal training price!




Personal Fitness
Personal Training
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Put Us To The Test!

          We've trained high school and professional athletes, moms, dads, individuals with disabilities, activist enthusiasts, retirees, and many, many more! Each person who walks in has different goals, different obstacles, and a different style of exercise. We cater to them all! 


          If nothing you've done has worked, or if you're looking for something better, come give us a try! Experience the best fitness has the offer in a friendly and personal environment focused on you! No matter your age, athleticism, or health challenges it is never too late to start. In fact, put us to the test. You'll be amazed how far ReVibe will take you and how your goals suddenly become possible.