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          ReVibe is a personal training studio and gym located in Burnsville, Minnesota. We’ve noticed that health and Fitness can be a complex and confusing topic, filled with misinformation, differing opinions, diet fads, and hundreds of different strategies to achieve health. That’s why we're here.


          We want to make it simple. We are certified fitness experts who have already done the research for you. We want to share with you the best the fitness industry has to offer. The stuff that works all the time, every time! That way, this time around, you are successful in all of your health goals.


          In our studio, we don’t believe in gimmicks and we don’t believe in short cuts. We believe in the stuff that works. Tried and true methods, backed by science, amplified by Whole Body Vibration, and guided by our professional and caring personal trainers and physicians.



Keith Spennewyn



Holding a triple Bachelor degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master’s Degree in Heath and Exercise Science, Keith possesses a depth of knowledge that rivals leading experts in the field. Keith has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years establishing one of the first personal training certification programs in the nation. He is a published author and researcher and is generally acknowledged as a leading fitness expert in the US. He is one of a handful of trainers in the US given the distinction of Master Trainer.

Leigh Spennewyn



Leigh began her career in fitness by managing a health club's group fitness program. Leigh worked her way up to running the largest and most successful group fitness program in the world, managing over 400 health clubs for the largest fitness company in the world. In 1990 she competed in the US National Aerobic Championships and won gold. In 1991 Leigh competed in the World Aerobic Championships and achieved the title World Aerobic Champion. 

Gavin Spennewyn



In 2007, Gavin was a certified third degree black belt teaching taekwondo to adults and kids of all ages. Towards the end of his teaching, Gavin had become one of the top instructors both running classes and mentoring the new upcoming instructors. Through this, he developed a great passion for fostering athleticism, health, and confidence. At ReVibe, Gavin provides top training to push athletes to their next level. He is currently studying Biology at the University of Northwestern in Saint Paul and hopes to get his Doctorate in Chiropractic.


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