Why We Use Whole Body Vibration: The Functional Training Movement

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I have been in the fitness business for over 35 years, longer if you consider my athletic career. My career, starting in 1983, was managing a major health club. That blossomed in 1986 to nine health clubs, and by 1998, I was heading up 47 health clubs, specifically running a portion of the nation’s first national personal training program.

In 1983, we did not have personal trainers. In the industry, we hired fitness instructors who bounced around the clubs helping members, giving advice, spotting a lift, or orienting new members to the exercise equipment. But in 1984, that all began to change.

We had decided to take the then new concept of personal training and create a national program in over 300 health clubs. At that time we were the largest health club in the World, so adding the first personal trainer into the first national personal training program was a pretty big thing.