7 Deadly Sins: The Behaviors That Are Aging You

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Are you often obsessed with aging, or perhaps slowing it down? Many of us are, and we prove it over and over when we buy expensive creams and treatment lotions to smooth the wrinkles. Let’s face it, we all want to look and feel young. But looking and feeling young can be difficult when every day we lose approximately 432 billion cells. When we were young, those cells were easily replaced with 432 billion brand new cells. Unfortunately, age makes this more and more difficult with each passing year.

So, what can be done to slow this process? Our lifestyle can and does take a toll. With each turnover of the cell our DNA undergoes a systematic change. Each time your cell replicates, the DNA telomere, a tail like structure, shortens. When the tail cannot shorten anymore, it dies for good, never to be replicated. How efficient your cells are at "turning over" is determined in large part to your lifestyle choices. Good lifestyle choices can result in longer DNA telomeres while bad lifestyle choices result in premature shortening.